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Defense takes over, actor Greg Kinnear's father testifies

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Defense takes over, actor Greg Kinnear's father testifies

By Cory Marshall. CREATED Mar 7, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - The defense took the reigns during day 11 of the Pamela Phillips trial, showing eerie aerial pictures of the La Paloma Country Club parking lot moments after the deadly 1996 explosion.

Friday, Phillip's attorney's called their first few witnesses, one of which has a surprising celebrity connection. 

The defense's first two testimony's focused on taped statements from then La Paloma Country Club employees, taken the day of the explosion. In their statements, both witnesses described an "old car" that was seen driving away from the explosion.
The tapes were considered part of witness testimony as both the witnesses interviewed in the recorded statements were unable to attend the trial, one suffers from dementia while the other witness has since died.
The defense later called Tucson resident Ed Kinnear to the stand. Kinnear is the father of well-known actor Greg Kinnear. The 80-year-old was at the country club the day of Triano's death but left before the explosion. Kinnear took the stand as part of the defense's work to prove someone else killed Tucson businessman Gary Triano.
"The only thing I recollect seeing a little bit out of the ordinary was a two-door Chevrolet parked off the east side of the parking lot. It wasn't in a parking slot, It was parked there and there was a gentlemen in the car," Kinnear testified.
Dennis Shew was also part of Friday's testimony. He was close friends with murdered Tucson businessman Gary Triano. The two were also once roommates. Shew discussed a conversation he had with Triano in the car  where Triano said he felt like "somebody was following him." In the conversation, he said Triano thought he was being followed by a "middle-aged guy in a green SUV." Shew said after Triano's comment, he turned and saw a green SUV, matching the description, while the two were in the car.
"He said it was a middle-aged guy that was driving like a green SUV and that's about it. I do remember that. And it did. And one came by," Shew told the defense.
Shew, who had two open heart surgeries and was put into a coma following the medical procedure, said because of the extensive surgery, he doesn't remember several specifics including his interview with police and several other conversations referenced in Friday's testimony.
Prosecutors argued that Shew not only knew Gary Triano, he also knew Pamela Phillips well. He told police in earlier statements that he described Triano and Phillip's marriage as "a business relationship."
Retired Pima County Sheriff's Deputy's Paul Look and former PCSO Deputy and current Arizona Department of Public Safety Officer Karl Jensen also testified. They both responded to the 1996 explosion. An interesting fact that came out of Officer Jensen's testimony is that he was originally told by dispatch he was heading to a collision with fire. Once on scene, he realized it was much more. Like the prior defense expert witnesses, Officer Jensen was told by a witness on scene they saw a "green jeep" leaving the parking lot at the time of the explosion, echoing other witness testimony on behalf of the defense. Prosecutors argued that the scene was chaotic and other witnesses reported different vehicle descriptions.
The defense is expected to call over 100 witnesses. Because the list is so lengthy, several trial days will be held on Mondays. Court is typically held Tuesday-Friday. The trial is now expected to take at least eight weeks. Court resumes Tuesday for week four of the trial.