Pamela Phillips Trial Day 10: Phone conversations, voicemails played in court

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Pamela Phillips Trial Day 10: Phone conversations, voicemails played in court

By Cory Marshall. CREATED Mar 6, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - The Pamela Phillips trial reached a turning point, Thursday, as prosecutors called their last and final witness.

During day 10 of the murder-for-hire trial, prosecutors played recorded telephone conversations between the Aspen socialite and convicted hit-man Ronald Young, marking the first time jurors heard Phillips' voice since the trial's start.

The tapes are somewhat controversial. Phillips defense attorney's argued their use during Young's trial in 2010. Thursday, the defense objected to their playback, once again, arguing the ability to authenticate the tapes. Judge Richard Fields overruled. However, some of the tapes content has been redacted.

Below are transcribed portions of the played recordings.

Phillips: There's got to be another way to do this.There's got to be another way.

Young:The idea was--

Phillips: This was short term thing.

Young: Over and Over, is until the coast was very very...

 Phillips: It was a short term thing.

Young: Until the coast was very, very clear, that we just keep it until extremely cautious untraceable situation where we have...
Phillips later said during the same phone conversation:

Phillips: If I have to kill myself and go to my grave  and not say a word, I'll do that but I'm just so miserable.
As prosecutors played the tapes, Phillips remained very focused, listening along with the rest of the courtroom and reading the accompanying transcripts.
Below is a separate phone conversation, between Phillips and Young, jurors also heard during Thursday's court proceedings.

Phillips: I am very serious about this.

Young: Well, I tell you, you're going to be very serious when you sit in a women's prison for murdering--when you sit in a prison for murder. You're going to be really sad.

Phillips: I'm going to be back and forth. 

Young: No, you're going to be in prison for murder.

The defense is expected to call their first witness when the trial resumes Friday