Oscars are over, Old Tucson legacy lives on

Oscars are over, Old Tucson legacy lives on

By Cory Marshall. CREATED Mar 2, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Most major movie sets are built up and quickly broken down, but Old Tucson is different.

"They've been here for 75 years and with proper maintenance they'll stay here for another 75 years as well, so it becomes something that's not just something we can appreciate as a movie set but it becomes part of the fabric of Tucson. [It's] something Tucson can share their movie heritage with their children [and] grandchildren. It's right in our backyard," Old Tucson historian Jeff Scotland said.

While portions of the original 1939 film set burned in a fire and many Oscar nominated actors have since passed, their legacy continues in the form of hundreds of annual visitors and new films shots at the historic location. 

"I think as long as people are willing to make westerns, I think we'll be here and be willing and able to provide the backgrounds for those films," Scotland added.

Movie directors are still choosing Old Tucson as their motion-picture backdrop. Most recently, "Hot Bath an' a Stiff Drink" shot at Old Tucson. They will film their third installment this fall.