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Oops! Arizona Elite Eight T-Shirt on sale online for short time

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Oops! Arizona Elite Eight T-Shirt on sale online for short time

By Valerie Cavazos. CREATED Mar 26, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) -- Oops! A March Madness T-shirt got a little ahead of the game
and it's making some wildcat fans nervous enough to knock on wood.

The Sweet 16 blue t-shirts are flying off the shelves at the UA bookstore, but, for some reason, not the red ones. KGUN9 asked UA Bookstores Employee Benito Basurto why he thought that was case. He said he thinks it's "the material. The materials seems to be a little more softer."

Another UA students said, "I just like the design -- the 16 is right in the middle."  For the Sweet 16, but one T-Shirt that was on sale for a short time is making some superstitious fans nervous.

A UA bookstores webpage went online Tuesday. The Tshirt reads 2014  "Elite Eight" Arizona Wildcats. UA bookstores called it a mistake and sincerely regrets the error. The T-Shirt was never sold.
UA Bookstores officials told KGUN9 that the page included designs created in preparation for March Madness, a common practice for most retailers.

The U-T San Diego newspaper screen captured that webpage, so it's no longer viewable on the website. Some wildcats fans are now hoping the mistake  doesn't jinx the team, because in sports, as we know, superstitions abound.

UA student Natalia Halska said, "I always wear the same Wildcat shirt every time we have the game."

UA student Danny Arias said, "My superstition is if I'm sitting a certain way and we're winning I continue to stay in whatever position I'm in."

"I like to warm my hands up before we put up the fingers before people are making their free throws," said UA student Ashley Hegan.

But if the stars are aligned and the Wildcats continue their March to the Final Four, McKale Center would be a good place to watch the Cats on the giant screens above the court. Thousands of fans could share the excitement and energy of the game -- at home.