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Nuwave Infrared Oven

Nuwave Infrared Oven

By April Madison. CREATED Aug 19, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - The Nuwave Infrared Oven claims to cut your cooking time in half, save energy, and your food still tastes great. But does it work? We put it to the test!

In this Does it Work segment you'll see we cooked hamburgers, pizza, and pork loins.

After cooking two burger patties on the stove for 20 minutes, we were able to cook two beef patties for just 5 minutes in the Nuwave Oven, and the taste was far better than the stove top version. We then cooked 2 frozen, 4-inch thick pork loins.

After just 20 minutes, with no preheating, the pork loins had cooked all the way through, and were delicious. Lastly, we cooked a partially frozen pizza in just 5 minutes in the Nuwave Oven, and it came out a little soft, but equally delicious.

The Nuwave Oven not only proved to cut our cook time in half, but the food turned out just as good as a conventional oven or stove top, if not better, in my opinion.

And the best part, there was no preheating.

You can get one for yourself online at

April Madison

April Madison

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