Next target: Tucson's red light cameras

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Next target: Tucson's red light cameras

By Valerie Cavazos. CREATED Jan 9, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) --     Pima County didn't waste any time covering dozens of signs warning drivers of speed enforcement cameras. They now have black plastic coverings -- less than two days after the Pima County Board of Supervisors voted to let the contract expire.  

Mark Spear, who fought long and hard to shut down the speed cameras, is surprised the county moved so quickly. "Usually we kind of have to drag them kicking and screaming but they did a very good job. I'm quite impressed because they did exactly what they were supposed to do according to state law."

Pima County Locations
Photo Speed Enforcement Camera

Alvernon Way @ Station Master (South of Ajo)
Valencia Rd @ Wilmot
S. Nogales Hwy @ E. Hermans

Mission Rd @ Nebraska Str
Valencia Rd @ Camino Del Las Candelas

River Rd @ Country Club Rd
Ina Rd @ Camino De Las Candelas
Swan Rd @ Calle Barril
La Cholla @ W. Sunset
La Cholla @ Jay
Ruthrauff @ Romero

Spear considers it a victory. "I do feel it's a victory for me," he said. But the war is not over, he said.
His battle continues with the city -- Tucson's cameras that catch red light runners and speeders. "The city's contract runs out in 2015. And our group Tucson Traffic Justice is gathering signatures to put it on the ballot."

There's no word on when the contractor will haul Pima County's speed cameras away, but Spear jokingly offers his advice on a way to remove any red light and speed camera -- solicit the help of the Green Hornet. You know the scene where he gets flashed by a red light camera while speeding through an intersection and then blows it up.

If you plan to drive through any of the  locations like the Green Hornet -- be warned. The Department of Transporation director, Priscilla Cornelio, said she met with the Pima County Sheriff's Department Thursday. She said deputies will make an effort to periodically patrol all 11 location in Pima County.

If you got caught speeding after the contract expired, would you have to pay the ticket? Cornelio said if you got flashed after January 6th -- 12:01 AM -- you will not get a ticket so you don't have to pay.