Mourning mom remembers daughter, hopes other can learn from mistake

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Mourning mom remembers daughter, hopes other can learn from mistake

By Liz Kotalik. CREATED Sep 13, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Dina Solmon holds a picture of her daughter Ashley with her two children, remembering the moment that changed her life exactly two years ago today. 

"She was crossing 22nd street and Columbus, in front of the golden corral, she had just left the library," Dina remembered.
Although Ashley was less than a block from a crosswalk, she j-walked across the street when a driver hit her, killed her, and left the street.
Police later found him, but Dina's message today is about learning from her daughter's mistake.
"When you see people crossing the street, and it's like...didn't you guys just hear, you know? It hits me very hard."
Especially when you see the numbers.
In 2012, Tucson police said there were six fatal accidents involving a pedestrian. 
2013 may not be over yet, but that number has already doubled to 12. 
"A majority of the pedestrian vehicle accidents we have, the fault lies on the pedestrian," Tucson Police spokesperson Sgt. Chris Widmer told us.
We took to the busy intersection of Grant and Alvernon, and found tons of pedestrians who had lots of close calls. 
Berry, a man we spoke to, told us he was on a bike when a car hit him, and he said that experience has made him extra cautious when walking around Tucson.
"I wait until every car stops and sees me there, and then I proceed."
We didn't see any j-walkers today, but some distracted walkers, which police said is also part of the problem.
But, Ashley's mom hopes to make a difference, spreading the word on Facebook with the message, "Your life is worth it."
Liz Kotalik

Liz Kotalik

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