Local businesses look forward to All Souls Procession

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Local businesses look forward to All Souls Procession

By Rikki Mitchell. CREATED Oct 29, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Tucson wouldn't really be Tucson without the All Souls Procession.

The event draws roughly 100,000 people each year.

But the streetcar almost changed the entire event. Up until recently, city leaders said the parade couldn't take place along streetcar tracks.

This would change the entire route, and be a big problem for the parade which ends in a vacant lot right alongside the streetcar route.

"This is where we end up, we march through downtown and this is where we come to," says All Souls Artistic Director Nadia Hagen.

City Officials gave the go ahead on all events that take place along the streetcar route, including Tucson Meet Yourself, the Fourth Avenue Street Fair and the All Souls Procession.

The businesses in the Mercado de San Agustin, where the parade ends, rely on the All Souls Procession. 

"It definitely brings a great amount of people," says Michael Acedo, manager of Estudio de Piel Medical Spa. "We look forward to it each year."

"We see hoards and hoards of people that come through," says Kira Dixon Weinstein, executive director of Mercado San Agustin. "So we have created an event that happens before, during and after All Souls. It's our favorite event all year long so we're thrilled."

But now that construction is wrapping up and the parade is a go, most businesses here look forward to the streetcar.

"It was a concern but it looks like it's going to be smooth sailing," says Acedo.

"It's only going to have a positive impact for us," says Mellow Dawn Lund, co-owner of MAST, which plans to donate 10 percent of sales on Sunday to the All Souls Procession.

And organizers say events like the All Souls Procession are what the streetcar was made for.

"We have to make sure that our transport is taking those people to the things they want to do not destroying the things they want to do," says Hagen. "Because then all you've got is riding a trolley which is frankly uninteresting."


For more information about the event, including the route and time it begins, visit the All Souls Procession website.

Rikki Mitchell

Rikki Mitchell

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