Landscapers break window to save boy trapped in burning Oro Valley home

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Landscapers break window to save boy trapped in burning Oro Valley home

By Maggie Vespa. CREATED Mar 12, 2014

ORO VALLEY (KGUN9-TV) - A raging house fire trapped a 12 year-old boy inside his Oro valley home late Wednesday morning.

Despite the intensity of that blaze, firefighters say this boy will be okay, thanks to three men who sprung into action in the nick of time.
Those three heroes were working in this yard here, when one of them heard and saw a boy across the street, pounding on a window.
Smoke was pouring from the roof.
The three, employees of Southwest Greens, knew they didn't have much time.
"I went closer to the window and he was screaming help me help me," said Jose Higura.
"And we see what's happening so we decide to break the window and pull it out," said Aaron Acevedo.
It wasn't easy.
They used first a hammer, then a shovel.
Finally it shattered, and flames exploded.
"He just slammed the window," said Higura.  
9OYS reporter Maggie Vespa asked, "Were you scared?"
"I was a little afraid, yeah," he said.
That's when Jennifer Wuollet, who lives across the street, came outside to go to work.
"They were just laying him down.  I didn't even recognize him," she said.  "He was just covered in soot completely."
She says the boy was alert, talking.
Wuollet called the family.
This as everyone else called these men something very special.
Vespa said to Acevedo, "People are calling a 'hero', all of you 'heroes'."
"Well no it's not like that you know.  We're just trying to help the people, you know," he said.
"We feel good.  We feel good.  If something happened again we can do the same thing.  We'll do the same thing," said Higura
The boy, was taken to UAMC tonight.
He is being treated for burns on hands and face as well as possible smoke inhalation.
Police still aren't sure what caused the fire, which was confined to the home's kitchen, living and dining rooms.