Kmart commerical too risque?

Kmart commerical too risque?

CREATED Nov 20, 2013

A new Kmart commercial has resulted in a flurry of criticism on Kmart’s Facebook page.

The Christmas commercial, begins with a group of men, who appear to be dressed in tuxedos, standing behind a curtain while ringing bells. A few seconds later the curtain is taken away, revealing the men aren’t wearing pants, but instead boxer shorts.

The men then begin to move to the song “Jingle Bells,” creating the bell sounds.

One person posted on Kmart’s Facebook page, "You can forget me stepping into any of your stores. Pull that ad off the air.”

However, not everyone is negative of the commercial.

One poster called the commercial "Genius."

A Kmart spokesperson said they regret if people found the commercial offensive.