‘It's about time’: End of an eyesore?

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‘It's about time’: End of an eyesore?

By Kevin Keen. CREATED Sep 4, 2013

SOUTH TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN9-TV) - It's an eyesore. And it's about to get a facelift.

We brought you the story of the Spanish Trail Motel. It's a bunch of old crumbling buildings off I-10. Well, Wednesday, news of major progress you will see with your own eyes.

A few months ago, a viewer asked 9 On Your Side to put a spotlight on it. We did, and now the City of South Tucson says big changes are coming.

We took to the skies in a helicopter for a sweeping view of crumbling buildings, abandoned semis and just plain junk.

You can see plenty from the street, too. Take this sign, rusting, rattling and towering over as 84,000 cars drive by on I-10 every day.

But the South Tucson City Manager Luis Gonzales says the sign out front, is a sign of changes to come. He says within a month, crews should start painting it.

But it won't look like it did back in the day at the Spanish Trail Motel.

"It's probably going to be a sign that is not going to have any lettering on it," said Gonzales. "It's not going to have any messages on it."

The City says the property owner, Dennis Luttrell, agreed to fix it up.

Nine On Your Side walked into the office but staff said again, Luttrell doesn't want to talk.

The City says Luttrell will also start hauling more junk away.

"AC units, trucks and everything else that's on the property," said Enrique Durazo, the South Tucson building inspector.

The Tucson Chamber of Commerce President, Mike Varney, says the mass clean-up can't happen soon enough.

"I think everyone's patience has pretty much been shot on this." said Varney. "I know mine is."

And one more big thing: the City says several developers want to turn this place into something.

Gonzales envisions a modern-day outlet mall. He says it could be a destination for shoppers in
our region. But, he says, that will take more time.