"It hurts." Neighbors saddened after someone slashed Saguaros

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"It hurts." Neighbors saddened after someone slashed Saguaros

By Rikki Mitchell. CREATED Jan 3, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Someone hacked up at least five Saguaro cacti in an east side neighborhood Wednesday night, slashing them to pieces.

"This type of thing just really makes you sick when you see it," said resident Steve Hanson.
Hanson lives in the Civano Neighborhood near Irvington and Houghton. His fellow neighbors are also shocked.

"I stopped dead in my tracks in the car and thought who would do this?" said Adrianne Delgardo Keller, who called police to report the vandalism.

She also said the neighborhood is offering a $100 reward for any information,  because she says,  this shouldn't happen.

"We're pretty upset," she said. "I mean that's a protected plant and for somebody to do that, we just couldn't understand."

Protected is right. State law says that destroying a protected native plant like a Saguaro could land you in jail for up to 3.75 years, depending on how much the Saguaro is worth.

Hanson says he and his wife walk by the Saguaros every day, and consider them "old friends."

"To see something like this so carelessly done to them, you know it hurts," he said.
Steve says he and his neighbors worry more about the weapon used to slash the Saguaros.

"It's a little frightening cause you don't know what these people are capable of," said Hanson. "They do something as senseless as this, what else might they do?"

Rikki Mitchell

Rikki Mitchell

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