Is Christmas turning into a secular holiday?

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Is Christmas turning into a secular holiday?

By Liz Kotalik. CREATED Dec 24, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - A new survey shows that over a quarter of Americans believe Christmas is more of a cultural holiday than a religious one.

The Public Religion Institute in partnership with Religious News Service conducted the poll that showed 26% of the population looks at Christmas as a secular holiday.

The poll also showed that the number of people who think the story of Jesus' birth is historically accurate has fallen more than 17% since 2004. 

The reason?

The survey's conductors believe that there are less evangelicals than there were more than a decade ago. According to the poll, evangelicals take the holiday most seriously.

They said 18% of Americans are evangelicals, and 20% do not identify themselves with a religion.



Liz Kotalik

Liz Kotalik

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