How to pay your way on Tucson’s streetcar

Unlike a bus, you can't pay cash once you're on board the streetcar. You touch this pad with a card that has value coded into it

How to pay your way on Tucson’s streetcar

By Craig Smith. CREATED Jul 24, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - There is no charge to ride the street car for the weekend kick-off parties, but as of Monday you'll need to know how to pay your way.

Unlike SunTran buses you will not be able to pay cash on board.
It will be up to you to either buy a day pass at one of the station, have money loaded on one of the Sun-Go smart cards or any of the other pre-paid passes.

The SunLink streetcar system has pulled together fare information and much more on this page.

Unless you get a student or low income discount, the cost will be a dollar-fifty each way, or four dollars for a day pass that lets you hop on and off as much as you like.

Jolene Elliott asked, ‘I’ve heard it's like a bus pass.  Is that correct?"
It is if you have one of the Sun Go cards Sun Tran has used for about a year.  But unlike a bus, you don't even talk to the driver.
You touch the card to a pad that reads the card and deducts the payment.  Project Manager Shellie Ginn says if you don't pay you could get acquainted with an officer there to enforce the fares.

“They have hand held devices that can actually scan your pass  and they can tell if it's been validated or not."

 And if you've cheating the system, you're in for a ticket, though at first you may just get an educational talking to.
You can get a Sun Go card at Fry's, SunTran offices, or Tucson City Hall.   You can also get them on line, or re-charge the value by paying through the website.
If you ride less often you might just buy a day pass at one of the machines...but remember they don't give change.  So use exact change, a debit card, Mastercard or Visa.

Fair warning: these machines do not give change, so if you put in cash, and it's more than the cost of the pass you do not get a refund.

Joe Chase as the Tucson department of Transportation says, “Iit has to be exact change.  If you select an option and you select the four dollar day pass and you only have a five dollar bill, which is what I have today, I'll show you.  You'll get the pass with the five dollars but will not get a dollar back."

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