'He was very strange'; Bartender says couple accused of imprisoning kids had money & food to burn

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'He was very strange'; Bartender says couple accused of imprisoning kids had money & food to burn

By Maggie Vespa. CREATED Nov 27, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Despite the horror that, police say, lived on inside their midtown home, many say the Richters worked hard to portray themselves as a happy, wholesome family on the outside.

Sophia Richter's spoke to 9OYS Wednesday own sister didn't even know the family lived in Tucson.
She thought they were in San Diego.
It seems they kept that same level of deception going 24/7.
It's an atmosphere often acts as an escape.
Now Cindy Rinehart wonders if her place of employment was the Richters' go-to getaway from a horror filled homelife.
"They certainly didn't talk about anything.  They'd be up there like I said a couple hours," she said.
Rinehart says Sophia and Fernando walked to the neighborhood bar, which we were asked not to name, two to three times a week.
Even in a packed house, she says, Fernando stood out.
"He was very weird.  He was very strange.  I almost had to make him leave a couple times.  He would cause problems with people," she said.  
9OYS reporter Maggie Vespa, "What types of things did he do?"
"Bothering people," said Rinehart.  "You know, going right up to a pool game that was being played and get right into other people's business."
As for Sophia, Rinehart said, "She would follow him around and kind of make sure, keep him out of trouble (saying) 'Did my husband go to the bathroom?"
"And she was just overly nice," she said.
Rinehart says Fernando talked of his career plans, which entailed becoming a cop or opening his own hotdog stand.
He was in school but wouldn't say for what.
Still, the pair spared no expense.
"They'd have two to, maybe three to four shots each," said Rinehart.  
"Not cheap stuff?" asked Vespa.
"No, not cheap stuff," she said.
In fact, it often seemed like they had money to burn.
"She said to me 'I have some onions.  Would you use onions or hamburger?  I have this at home because it's just going to go to waste,'" said Rinehart of Sophia.  
"And now hearing those kids weren't eating?" said Vespa.
"Oh, I'm sick to my stomach," said Rinehart.  "Just sick."