'He told me to be quiet'; Wanted man barricades himself inside Three Point family's home

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'He told me to be quiet'; Wanted man barricades himself inside Three Point family's home

By Maggie Vespa. CREATED Aug 14, 2014

PIMA COUNTY (KGUN9-TV) - Picture this.

It's early in the morning, and you're at home. The kids have just left for school, when a man bursts inside.
He tells you to be quiet. He is running from the cops and has decided to hide here.
That terrifying thought became one westside family's reality Thursday.
Their home was at the center of a stand-off that lasted for hours with a wanted man.
This, after a man, who deputies say has a violent criminal past, fled from deputies on his motorcycle, ditched that bike in a nearby stranger's bathroom, and broke into their home, at which point chaos ensued.
24 year-old Kevin Jereb had just walked his friends' two young children to the school bus, the same one that returned to this police scene this afternoon.
He returned around 8 a.m. to the Three Points home and to a surprise guest.
"He came into the house," said Jereb.  "Pretty much told me 'Shh, be quiet.  Everything's going to go smooth.' And it didn't."
Jereb say 'he' was his friend's brother, 32 year-old Ronald Miller.
Deputies had tried arresting miller Wednesday night and again early Thursday morning.
They now believed he may be armed, so they shut down the neighborhood and called in the SWAT.
"The main concern that we always have is for the safety of the community.  The apprehention of the suspect is then the next step," said Deputy Tom Peine, spokesman for the Pima County Sheriff's Department.
Neighbors were shocked.
"You're like 'What's going on?'" said Linda Barrett.
"What's that like to see so close to your house?" asked 9OYS reporter Maggie Vespa.
"Scary, knowing you cannot get out," she said.
Back inside the home, Jereb says Miller remained calm.
"Did he show you if he had a gun?" asked Vespa. 
"No, nothing like that," he said.
This, as deputies called everyone else out.
"They asked you to come out," said Vespa.
"Yeah, I was like this," said Jereb, putting his hands up.  "And I threw my phone because they were like 'Drop it whatevers in your hand!'"
"What's that like?" asked Vespa.
"Trippy.  Like you're almost going to go to prison, too," he said.
In the end, it took eight hours, but SWAT negotiators eventually convinced Miller to surrenderm leaving this home and this family unharmed.
"I'm super glad that nobody got hurt," said Jereb.  "I'm super glad noboby went to jail except him, but he brought it upon himself."
Ronald Miller was taken to Pima County jail Thursday night.
Prior to that incident, he was wanted for a parole violation out of Colorado and one felony count of aggravated assault, with possibly a second on the way from an incident Wednesday.
There is no word, yet, on charges from Thursday's chase.