'[He] does not like the word 'no;'" Kost reports give victim's grim details

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'[He] does not like the word 'no;'" Kost reports give victim's grim details

By Cory Marshall. CREATED May 6, 2014

SAN TAN VALLEY, Ariz. (KGUN9-TV) -Official Pinal County Sheriff's Office reports describe 18-year-old alleged serial rapist, Tyler Kost, as "smart, manipulative and a smooth talker;" stating he is also "obsessive and controlling" with an "aggressive side" who believes "everyone else is wrong."

Detailed in the newly released reports, detectives say some of the sexual assaults happened inside Tyler's home, while the teen's younger brother was in the other room. On other occasions, the alleged assaults occurred in public parks, community pools or a remote location in the desert.

According to the official report, one of the alleged victims shared a weight lifting class with Kost. She won a bet between the two. The wager: a meal at McDonald's. But when the time came, he did not take her there. Instead, the girl told detectives, Kost drove her into the desert, locked his door and refused to let her out. He molested her. She "continued to tell him no." At one point, [she] attempted to push Tyler off of her [and] in response, Tyler hit her." In the report, the girl says, "Tyler did not respond to her and kept a smirk on his face." 

Also detailed in the report, another alleged victim's haunting post on Facebook following Kost's initial arrest, where she wrote, "Tyler Kost didn't you learn that no means no? I told you over and over."

Later in the 39-page report, one of the 18 alleged victims told investigators, "Tyler grabbed her by the neck and tried to force her to kiss him" through her driver-side window, forcing his arm into the car and molesting her. She said  the assault happened on a Sunday afternoon in the middle of a restaurant parking lot.

Another victim, according to reports, said Kost raped her in his home, got startled when someone walked in on them and then "carried her downstairs" and "laid her down of the carpeted dining room floor." He continued raping her until "Tyler's mother returned home."

However, reports show Kost's alleged sexual assault on some 18 high school age girls far exceeds physical abuse.

According to detectives, Kost threatened his victims --harassing them through text message and social media.

After molesting one victim, detectives note Kost  texted the girl and "threatened to put a bullet in her head." Another victim he later texted, "Go kill yourself."

The threats did not stop. According to the documents, Kost also contacted his victim's parents via social media, "making derogatory comments" about their daughters