Grinch burglar steals Tucson family's Christmas

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Grinch burglar steals Tucson family's Christmas

By Marcelino Benito. CREATED Dec 24, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - A grinch is trolling through Tucson's east side, stealing presents and anything else in their way. In just a few hours, burglars struck three homes near 28th and Kolb.

"When I saw the Christmas presents were gone, that's when I lost it," said the burglary victim.

Every gift but one was snatched out from under a Tucson grandmother's Christmas tree.

"You feel violated," she said.

She asked 9OYS to protect her identity. But share her story. A couple grinches wreaked havoc two days before Christmas. They broke her window and stormed through her house. Footprints were left behind on the carpet.

"I was devastated, just devastated," she said. "My daughter came in with kids and that's the first thing they said, 'they took our Christmas presents, how could they do that?'."

On Christmas Eve, a new alarm system was installed inside her home. This cruel Christmas crime has taken some of the merry out of Christmas. A TV, iPad and toys for her grand kids and great grand kids are just gone.

"I had about five or six envelopes for the older kids with money in it," she said. "And now everything is gone."

The crooks were so callous they ripped through her dresser taking jewelry, her marriage license, even mementos of her late husband.

"You can't replace some of the stuff they take," she said.

She's heartbroken and so are the kids. But they're not broken.

"The little ones, it's harder on them," she said.

But even the little ones understand what matters is grandma's ok. That she wasn't hurt, and that alone, is reason enough to believe.

"Did it ruin Christmas?" asked 9OYS reporter Marcelino Benito. "I don't know, she replied. "We'll see what tomorrow brings.

A little bit of good news though. Her neighbor did come over with new toys and games to help replace the stolen items. But the people who did this are still out there. If you have any information about these crimes, call Tucson Police.