Grandson 1 of 3 charged in double murder

Kyle Drattlo is 1 of 3 people charged with killing Drattlo's grandparents

Grandson 1 of 3 charged in double murder

By Craig Smith. CREATED Jul 26, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - A grandson is charged with killing his own grandparents in a sad, shocking case from Tucson's Midtown.
Tucson Police are also charging two others with murdering Erskin and Mary Fulgham.

Kyle Drattlo and Christopher Terry turned up in Tonopah, Nevada, more than six hundred miles from the murder scene near Grant and Swan.
Police say 21 year old Brianna Harding was with them.  She's facing murder charges too.
We know Kyle Drattlo is the grandson of Erskin and Mary Fulgham.   We found no serious criminal history on any of the three or anything that would suggest a motive for murder.
Nearly everyone who sees Chris Terry's picture comments on the clown style tattoos on his face.

"When I saw that photograph I was, like, whoa."
Psychologist Dr. Dennis Embry of Paxis Institute saw something deeper: the mark of someone who wants to stand out, and intimidate.

"Well, we know from a long history of research on homicide and aggression that significant tattoos, of this nature, and I'm not talking about the young college kids who get something, but this whole body thing is related to serious aggression."
We found a MySpace page with Terry's name on it. It suggests he's a fan of Insane Clown Posse, ICP for short, a band known for murderous themes.

Here's a short phrase from one of their songs: "...Before the hatchet attacks, and you catch a few hacks with the axe."
Fans call themselves Juggalos, others call them scary.   Lilith tried to stay well clear of a recent ICP concert in Tucson.

"Because I knew it was just gonna be crazy...insane." KGUN9 reporter Craig Smith asked: "But dangerous crazy or just rowdy?"

Lilith: "Probably (dangerous) actually."
Dr. Embry says for most people bands like ICP are simply entertainment, but such aggressive themes can push others to violence.
It's not clear when the three suspects will return here from Tonopah.  It's up to the Pima County Attorney's Office to arrange extradition. If the three suspects fight extradition getting them here could take 30 to 90 days.

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