Government Shutdown Ripple Effects; Private Sector and B.Y.O.T.P

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Government Shutdown Ripple Effects; Private Sector and B.Y.O.T.P

By Valerie Cavazos. CREATED Oct 7, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) -- The partial government shutdown enters it's second week with no end in sight. Federal agencies are scrambling to adjust, while the private sector tries to figure out how the ripple effects might spread.

There are many private sector companies in Southern Arizona that rely on contracts with the U-S Military and Raytheon. And those small businesses living month to month could be the hardest hit.

The tiny Smart 1 jet that streaks across the sky is used by the military to simulate cruise missles and study how to detect and counter these short-and-long  range threats.

Bob Bishop's Marana-based company, Aerial Productions International is a subcontractor that builds these manned jets. Bishop said his company is three days away from engaging in a multi-million dollar war game exercise. "As far as we know we're not guaranteed. We're working with what they called at risk, which means we're at risk. There's no guarantee of being paid," he said.

The company stands to lose a quarter of a million dollars. Although Bishop's business is on financially solid ground right now, he said "if it continues and it happens again, we'll close the door."

A bit unsettling for his seven workers. Aircraft Mechanic Alfred Hudgin has tried to weather these financial storms before. "It's horrible. In fact my family had a business for 54 years and we had to shut it down because of that kind of stuff."

And trying to take care of business in the Catalinas could be -- rather -- difficult.
The U.S. Forest Service locked all public restrooms, put up notices, and yellow tape to keep visitors out.

Mt. Lemmon visitor Tony Webber said, "It's pretty upsetting. I mean what are people supposed to do. I just think the government needs to get their act together come together to figure it out so I can go to the bathroom."

The forest service advises: B.Y.O.T.P -- bring your own toilet paper.

Matt Cotten said, "I guess I wasn't thinking about the restrooms. I am now. And so I'm going to have to find a little intimate spot to take care of my needs."

and Kathy Weir thought ahead: "So we just brought Kleenex in case we need it."

The roads and trails are open in the Catalinas.