Golder Ranch Fire: 1-year-old face down in bathtub

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Golder Ranch Fire: 1-year-old face down in bathtub

By Taylor Higgins, Simone Del Rosario. CREATED Nov 2, 2013 - UPDATED: Jan 28, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - An Oro Valley man has been charged in the drowning death of his son.

Oro Valley Police tell KGUN9 that 30-year-old Jesse Martinez has been charged with one count of negligent homicide and one count of child abuse.

On November 2, 2013, Capt. Josh Hurguy with the Golder Ranch Fire District said someone found a 1-year-old infant face down in a bathtub at a Catalina Crossing apartment complex near CDO high school.

When Oro Valley Police and Golder Ranch responded, Golder Ranch Fire said the baby was not breathing and did not have a pulse. 

Hurguy said paramedics never gave up, giving the infant CPR the entire drive to University Of Arizona Medical Center.

Oro Valley police and paramedics performed CPR on the child. Paramedics then transported the child to the hospital where he was pronounced dead a short time after his arrival.

Riley says the investigation revealed that a one-year-old child, Michael Martinez, was placed in a bathtub along with his four-year-old sibling by their father, Jesse Martinez. Approximately 45 minutes later, Martinez checked on the children and found his one-year-old son unresponsive.

One neighbor who knows the family said it's a strong reminder that it takes just seconds lto lose a child around water.

"What if it could have been yours?" Keleka Quiroz said. "You learn not to ever keep your eyes off of children around water because it's things like these that happen -- little freak accidents -- that can take the life away of a small child."

"We talk a lot during the summer about the ABC's of pool safety," Hurguy said. "But really, it's any body of water: Pools, bathtubs, jacuzzis. We need to make sure that if we have children in water we have adult supervision around them at all times."