'Girls stay in, don't go outside': Police release 911 call, full police report

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'Girls stay in, don't go outside': Police release 911 call, full police report

By Marcelino Benito. CREATED Dec 3, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) -Early Tuesday, Tucson Police released new police reports and the transcript to the 911 call made early on November 25th after two girls managed to escape.

The Richter's neighbor calls police and says: Yes I'm calling on behalf of some neighbors of mine, they say that their father or their neighbor, someone is trying to breaking into their house with a knife. And they're um... They were pretty upset.

The 911 operator asks to talk to the girls. The 13-year-old takes the phone. The operator says: And you went to your neighbors' and said you needed help?
The girl responds: It's cuz we were just standing there and you see, my mom's husband was trying to open the door, but he broke it in half. And me and my sister got out the window.

911 asks: Do you think he's in the house with the knife right now?
She responds: Yeah. Me and my sister were just playing.... I have a older sister.

The 911 operator asks: Do you talk to your dad often?
Girl: No. You see we, we used to visit our dad, but something happened and we were no longer allowed to visit him.

When Tucson Police arrived on scene, officers shouted "Tucson Police, come to the door with your hands up." For ten minutes, no response, until Sophia Richter emerged. Police say she had "bloodshot, watery eyes, odor of intoxicants and was stumbling."

Fernando came out moments later. He too seemingly intoxicated and "slurring his words."

Police clear the house room by room. The music inside got louder as they ventured deeper into the house. They find the 17-year-old sister locked in a room, hip hop music blasting from inside. She tells police, "I haven't seen anyone in 2 years. I am in my room all day and haven't seen my sisters in a year and a half."

She also told police "Look, I haven't showered since September 19th." She kept track of days on a calendar she made that she wore around her neck. 

Police find video cameras in the bedrooms. But the cameras were operated from the living room. Inside the closets they find urine bottles. The house and its occupants smelled of a foul odor.

When the sisters finally reunite, police say they touched each others faces, huggged and commented on how they'd changed. They asked each other questions like "when do you eat?" and "what do you eat?". One of the sisters hands the other a "pillow she made" and says "you can have this since I never get to see you."

The girls repeatedly ask "what's going to happen to us?" And say they did not like, did not trust and were afraid of Fernando.

Read the full police report and the 911 transcript.

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