Police: Anti-CPS group snatches boy from supervised visit

Police: Anti-CPS group snatches boy from supervised visit

By Rikki Mitchell. CREATED Aug 2, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - A child was ripped from state custody, police say, by a small vigilante group, bent on bringing down CPS.

Tonight all four women accused in the July 26th kidnapping are behind bars.
The child is back in CPS custody.
But while this case appears to be wrapped up, police worry it points to a troubling trend.
It is a trend of which 9OYS found plenty of evidence, searching social media sites, including groups like 'Arizona Operation: Let My People Go'.
They claim CPS 'kidnaps children for profit', arguing employees are 'protected from prosecution' when they hurt or 'fatally injure' kids.
It's the same fear police say motivated Teketa Riley, Paula Flowe, Debbie Ramos and Crystal Nuttle Friday, July 26th.
Police say Riley was at a secured CPS location in Tucson, having a supervised visitation with her 6 year-old son.
They say the other three pulled up in a car and distracted employees, while Riley escaped with the boy.
All four drove off.
Tucson police not releasing many details on the case, except that they believe all four are '...part of a small organized group...' that is '...philosophically opposed to CPS and its responsibilities.'
Police will not confirm which group the women belonged to.
Thursday, August 1st, U.S. Marshalls tracked down the four women, along with the little boy at a residence in Maricopa County.
Each of the accused kidnappers is charged with one count of custodial interference, a felony.
9OYS will have more on this case as it becomes available.
Rikki Mitchell

Rikki Mitchell

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