Fixing Tucson's broken crosswalk signals

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Fixing Tucson's broken crosswalk signals

By Justin Schecker. CREATED Oct 29, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - After our story on the city's efforts to improve pedestrian safety aired Monday night, a viewer contacted us concerned about a broken pedestrian signal at a busy midtown crosswalk.

9 On Your Side checked it out and turns out one of the pedestrian signal box on the northeast corner of Ft. Lowell and Stone was missing.  

Students from the Tucson Collegiate Prep Middle School cross intersection daily during P.E. class walks to a nearby park.    

"When we walk back from the park we always have the hand so we never actually get the crosswalk sign," P.E. teacher Calvin Paradise said, "so I mean its always sort of up in the air."

Not a day has gone by since the start of the school year when students haven't noticed the missing pedestrian signal box, Paradise said.  
"Usually, they try to make a joke of it," he said. "There's just a little hole there now so they put their finger in it and hit the crosswalk button this way."
But it is no laughing matter for this teacher and other pedestrians who need to cross Stone Ave.
"It's still a concern for you getting this kids across the street?" 9 On Your Side asked. 
"Yeah, absolutely," Paradise said.     
"It's just scary because it changes too fast and I think in my head, should I cross should I go that way," pedestrian Sabrina Moldanado told 9 On Your Side.     
It is unclear exactly how long the pedestrian signal box had been missing, but within hours of 9 On Your Side's call to the city, electricians arrived to install a new box.
City officials say they rely on pedestrians to report broken buttons, signals and lights. 
If you notice something is not right a crosswalk you use, the number to call is (520)791-3154.
And the new pedestrian signal box at Ft. Lowell and Stone is just a small step in making Tucson's streets safer.