Fix makes it "next to impossible" for another water main break

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Fix makes it "next to impossible" for another water main break

By Christina Myers. CREATED Aug 1, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Tucson Water officials have decided on a fix for a water main break on Harrison at Escalante that could mean no more breaks in that area.

Brian Andrews, the project supervisor for Ashton Contractors and Engineers who is handling the work on Harrison, said his crews will put in a mixture of sand and cement around the new water pipes they install. 

Usually just sand is used around the pipes, and Andrews told 9 On Your Side the sand/cement mixture is "a step further" than the city has to go by law and will make it "next to impossible for another main to break."

It all started when a 12 inch main broke Wednesday night, as Ashton crews were doing some work in the area for the county.


When Ashton crews began to fix that main, the city noticed other pipes around it that also needed to be replaced or fixed. The problem continued to grow as crews found more and more lines that needed work.

So the city decided on an overhaul of sorts. Besides the sand/cement mixture, the whole system in that area will swap out PVC pipes for iron ones, a support system will be put in place, and huge cement blocks with straps will be used to anchor the system.

Fernando Molina with Tucson Water said the investigation is still ongoing into how and why the original main broke. While Ashton is doing the work to have it handled quickly, the investigation will determine who will have to pay for it. 

Christina Myers

Christina Myers

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