Firefighters rescue teenage boy stuck inside chimney

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Firefighters rescue teenage boy stuck inside chimney

By Marcelino Benito. CREATED Oct 30, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Tense moments Wednesday for a 15-year-old and his family, stuck in an unusual spot.

"My son came home and he panicked because he couldn't get in the house," said Tammi.

Unfortunately for Tammi's son, the door was locked and mom wasn't home.

"He really wanted to get in the house," said Tammi.

No keys. No mom. No problem. Right? Well in this case you'd be wrong because her son decided to climb up to the roof and go down the chimney.

"So I came home and I kept hearing these noises and the next thing I hear is this faint 'mom, mom, mom'," said Tammi.

But unlike Santa, her son didn't make it down the chimney. He got stuck.

"I pulled on that arm, and he wasn't going anywhere," said Tammi.

Luckily, Rural Metro Fire pulled him out some time later. And he has the scratches to prove it. His mother says they had a nice long talk when he finally got loose.

"That was the stupidest thing you've done in your whole life," said Tammi.

And in case you find yourselves locked out of the house and in a rush to get inside, Tammi wants everyone watching to learn from her son's tiny mistake.

"Never, never, ever, ever go down a chimney," said Tammi. "I don't care how thin or skinny or how slippery you are, don't go down a chimney."

Luckily the boy didn't suffer any serious injuries. Rural Metro tells 9OYS they were able to get the boy out in about five minutes.