Tucson Father searches for answers after son dies from ATV crash

Tucson Father searches for answers after son dies from ATV crash

By Simone Del Rosario. CREATED Aug 24, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - A Tucson father is asking 9OYS for help just hours after watching his son be taken off life support. 

Josh Gradillas, 27, suffered serious head trauma after crashing head on with another all-terrain vehicle on July 13 near South Camino Verde and West Ajo Way. 

Six weeks later, Gradillas gave in to those injuries, but the driver of the other ATV has yet to come forward. His father, Alex Gradillas, is hoping for answers. 

Deputies interviewed several witnesses to the crash but there are conflicting reports as to who was driving the Polaris that crashed into Josh, sending him flying in the air. 

Deputies said there were four people in the vehicle. One was injured and left behind while the others fled the scene. 

"Accidents happen, but at least come forward and accept that you were responsible for that simple accident. Don't run away and lie," said Alex Gradillas. 

He's hoping someone from that day remembers the gray and maroon Polaris -- remembers the men who left his son in the desert. 

"What kind of person would leave somebody in a blood bath?" he asked. 

The same people left behind one of their own. According to reports from deputies, one man from the Polaris had a deep cut in his leg. 

He was left in the desert. One witness said the others claimed they were going for help but never returned. 

The injured man told deputies he was not driving and does not know the owner of the vehicle.

"If there is some witnesses out there that know something...I would really really apreciate if they'd come and at least point us in the right direction," Alex Gradillas said. 

Deputies said alcohol was a factor in the crash -- both men who had been injured were drinking that day.