Family speaks out following 2011 fatal crash arrest

Reyes Miranda, 28, is charged with manslaughter, aggravated assault and leaving the scene of an accident involving death.

Family speaks out following 2011 fatal crash arrest

By Cory Marshall. CREATED Aug 4, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - For Melisa Steele, it's all about the numbers. It has been two years and 40 days since her son, 25-year-old Ramon Jesus Steele, died in a horrific car crash on Tucson's southside. The accident happened two months before his daughter's fifth birthday. It's also been two days since Melisa got the call she thought she would never come.

"All I could do is keep asking them, what...what? My body just wanted to fall to the ground because it was unbelievable," Melisa told 9OYS while holding her granddaughter, Ramon's daughter, on her lap.

Friday, Mexican authorities arrested 28-year-old Reyes Miranda. According to Melisa, Miranda and her son had been friends since high school. Miranda is also the man deputies say was behind the wheel at the time of the crash. A confirmed fugitive, deputies say he had been on the run ever since.

"It's always good for the family's of the victims that these people are arrested and brought back into custody so they can face their day in court," Pima County Sheriff's Deputy Tracy Suitt said.

Facing one count of manslaughter, among other charges, Melisa says she and her family will never quite have closure.

"He's just not here," she continued while her granddaughter whispered in her ear.

"She wants me to add that I love her daddy. I love him. I love my son very much and I miss him. I just really want justice for him and for her," she continued.

Melisa says she has one question for the man accused of killing her son, she says she wants to know why Miranda allegedly left her son at the scene, now over two years ago.