Downed Trees: Why trimming trees can prevent disasters to your home

Downed Trees: Why trimming trees can prevent disasters to your home

By Valerie Cavazos. CREATED Jul 14, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) --  Homes are commonly damaged in monsoon storms. But trees are many times-- torn out of the ground. There are ways that you can help prevent that.

A tree that once towered over this eastside home lies lifeless -- uprooted -- after a microburst ripped through the neighborhood.

"You can see the roots are snapped off big roots good sized roots who knows how far down they still go -- and if you look at the ground -- it's really not that wet," said Donna Collins, neighbhor.

So how could this majestic pinetree -- with a thick trunk -- and deep roots -- end up like this? We  asked tree expert Jim Moseman, who was slicing up another downed tree in a nearby neighborhood.

"The roots of this tree right here might have held this tree if they pruned it. So the wind blows through it -- not against it. Right now it's full and it catches it like a kite and it just boom right on over." he said.

But this pine tree has recently been trimmed, so another factor might be the root of the problem. The cooling system on the roof. "It's been here for years and there's been some condensation dripping off so that might have helped do it," said Collins.

Moseman agrees -- it may have played a part during a drenching storm. "The rain comes and saturates the because moonsoon rain so much here. That it saturates the ground and the whole tree is weak -- blows it over."

There are no guarantees with mother nature, but Moseman says downed trees are 3/4 preventable with maintenance.