Double homicide: Family member speaks

The Fulgham's grandson, Kyle Drattlo faces conspiracy and burglary charges the other defendants don't.

Double homicide: Family member speaks

By Craig Smith. CREATED Aug 8, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Almost three weeks after someone killed an elderly couple---and their grandson became one of the suspects, family members are working to cope with the loss, and we are working to learn more of what happened---and finding some intriguing details.

How do you carry on, knowing someone killed your parents...and one of the family is one of the suspects? Was the grandson now charged in the case a leader or a follower?  Court documents offer some clues.

Almost three weeks after Erskine and Mary Fulgham died, their son Mike is trying to find distraction and maybe comfort by pushing through with daily life.

He says, "It may sound strange but it really doesn't make any difference if it was a heart attack, or car accident or whatever.  That's the problem.  The problem is you're not going to see your parents anymore."
Fulgham says it's hard to know his nephew Kyle Drattlo is one of three people charged with killing Erskine and Mary Fulgham.
Court documents suggest different roles for the three.

Drattlo faces two first degree murder counts, but also two conspiracy charges, plus armed robbery, aggravated robbery and burglary.
Seven first degree murder charges show on Brianna Harding's court records.
And Christopher Terry's records show just one first degree murder charge.
Authorities in Nevada found the three in the Fulgham's car.  The local newspaper, The Pahrump Valley Times, says Drattlo and Harding said little in a court hearing there.
But Terry asked the Nevada judge an intriguing question: "If the person that actually did it admits to what they did, and the other two people are completely innocent, how does that go about for the two people that were afraid for their lives?"
The judge said that would depend on the prosecutor, and the evidence.
For now Mike Fulgham guides his life by what his parents taught him.

He says, "Whatever my parents would be happy with me doing, just trying to do things that make their legacy better."

And the Fulgham family may face a long legal process before they know what justice the three suspects will face.  

Often, a few days after police enter a crime scene and conduct a search, search warrants and what the search found become public documents---and they usually offer insight into the case.
In this case warrant documents are sealed by court order---until further notice.

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