Do you have your Mega Million ticket yet?

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Do you have your Mega Million ticket yet?

By Stella Inger. CREATED Dec 17, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - I hope you're feeling lucky today! It's your last chance to buy a Mega Million ticket. Tonight's jackpot is nearly $600 million!

The record jackpot, $656 million, was set last year. People across the country are lining up to get their tickets.

Even people from Nevada, which is not one of the states that participates in the Mega Millions lottery are driving to Arizona to buy their tickets!

If you took the lump sum, after taxes, you'd take home about $221 million. So what could you buy if you won?

This is a 2014 Ferrari La-Ferrari. With a price tag of $4 million, you could buy 55 of them!

You could buy 30 of these Lear jets. It seats 8 people comfortably.

Need somewhere to land that jet? There's a private airstrip and 35 boat docks on this private island in the Caribbean!

It's called Cave Key, and there's a 70-thousand square foot beach house all ready for move-in. The entire island and the house is a bargain at only $110 million!

The drawing is at 9:00 p.m. Tonight. Your odds of winning are one in 259 billion.

So yes, you have a better shot at getting hit by an asteriod, but good luck!

I'm Stella Inger. I hope you'll join Guy Atchley and me tonight at 5 ... 6.. and 10. Remember, you can always join the conversation at, Facebook and Twitter.

Have a great day!

Stella Inger

Stella Inger

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