Dangerous mystery hole in South Tucson

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Dangerous mystery hole in South Tucson

By Craig Smith. CREATED Aug 21, 2014

SOUTH TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - A dangerous mystery in the city of South Tucson Thursday.
Workers cleaning a neighbor’s yard uncovered a small hole which led to a much bigger -- more dangerous hole.
That's when they called KGUN9 -- to solve the problem -- and get help figuring out where the hole came from.

 We helped get a real safety hazard solved, and got some help figuring out what that hole was and how it got there.

 When Linda Robles and some workers tried to clean up a neighbor's yard they were warned to watch out for a little hole.
It wasn't so little-- about two feet wide on the surface, with a long drop, into a hole so deep and wide you might never be found...

Robles says, "It cannot stay this way for the safety of not just my grand kids but everybody in this community."

When the workers said they thought they saw clothes that might go with a body, we called South Tucson Police....

They called the fire department....

 And everyone concluded the hole was probably an old well or water tank from maybe the 1940s.

They concluded there was no body, but the hole needed to be filled in so somebody would not fall in later.

Our KGUN9 crew lowered a small camera so you can see what being inside would be like. The hole is deep and the walls offer no hand holds. You would not get out without help,

Soon South Tucson Public Works arrived.

It was a snap for the heavy equipment to break through the thin top and dip deep into the hole.

And it took just a few minutes for the worker with a front end loader to make sure that hole would never be a danger again.

Linda Robles was happy with the quick solution. "This is awesome we were all able to work as a team today.  I believe that had you guys not come out here we wouldn't have gotten the response we did but whatever the case is it got done."

Craig Smith

Craig Smith

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