Controversy brewing over bill; SB1062

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Controversy brewing over bill; SB1062

By Krystin Sorich. CREATED Feb 21, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Arizona is making national news as a controversial bill sits on the Governor's desk. Senate Bill 1062 officially passed in the Arizona legislature yesterday.

If signed, SB1062 would protect businesses from being sued after turning away customers for being gay.
Supporters say it's an extension of the religious freedoms already protected by the state. Opponents are calling the bill an open door to discrimination.
Social media lit up during the house debate last night.
A photo posted by Rocco's Little Chicago pizzeria has been shared on Facebook more than one-thousand times and that number continues to rise. 
Rocco's put a sign in their window last night, which reads, "we reserve the right to refuse service to Arizona state legislatures." 
Additionally, their Facebook post has a caption which reads, "funny how just being decent is starting to seem radical these days."
The sign is in protest of the side effects of SB1062. 
All the house democrats voted against the bill. They debated on the floor Thursday night and many of them say the bill is "disgraceful." 
The bill now sits on Governor Jan Brewer's desk.