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Company named to fulfill Ariz. thinning project

SIERRA NEVADA MOUNTAINS, CA - NOVEMBER 18: Fall colors emerge on young trees and brush in a charred forest still recovering from the 1992 Cleveland Corral wildfire along the South Fork of the American River on November 18, 2003 in the Sierra Nevada Mountains east of Sacramento, California. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images) Image by Getty Images

Company named to fulfill Ariz. thinning project

By Sasha Loftis. CREATED Oct 25, 2013

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) - An Oregon company will fulfill orders from the U.S. Forest Service for a massive thinning project in northern Arizona.
The contract for the Four Forest Restoration Initiative was transferred earlier this year to Good Earth Power AZ LLC. The company acknowledged having no experience in forest restoration in the Southwest but said it would bring on a company that does.
Good Earth announced this week in Flagstaff that Portland-based The Campbell Group will carry out the work to reduce wildfire risks on a 2.4 million-acre area along the Mogollon Rim. Good Earth plans to use the harvested trees to produce wood pellets, furniture and biodiesel fuel.
The Forest Service says the stewardship contract is the largest in the agency's history.

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