Closing arguments near in Pamela Phillips trial

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Closing arguments near in Pamela Phillips trial

By Cory Marshall. CREATED Mar 31, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Week seven of the Pamela Phillips murder-for-hire trial trails ahead as closing arguments could be just days away.

Monday, the defense's lead investigator, Gene Reedy, took the stand as part of his continued testimony. Two weeks ago, Reedy was slammed during former convict  Jeffrey Morris' testimony. In 1997, Morris told federal agents he had information about Triano's murder in an attempt to "cut a deal" for himself in connection with a completely separate case. He admitted to repeating the lie again in 2012, signing an affidavit after Reedy, told him an "innocent woman is charged with the crime" and "really needs [Morris'] help." During day 25 of the trial, Reedy's testimony told a different story.

"Did you ask him if he was part of this Triano killing," one of Phillip's defense attorney's asked Reedy. "He said yes and that he was brought in. He said he was back up and he was there for however they needed him in case something went wrong," Reedy later responded.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Ryan Burke previously testified on behalf of the state. Burke investigated Morris' claim and told the court he did not find his story credible.

Court officials say closing arguments could come as soon as Wednesday.