City Council to meet today to discuss controversial immigration law

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City Council to meet today to discuss controversial immigration law

By Krystin Sorich. CREATED Nov 13, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Pressure from immigration activists is now bringing the debate over SB 1070 to the steps of City Council.

Tucson City Council members will meet later today to address the law and possibly provide answers to how police should enforce the law. 

The SB 1070 special study session comes on the heels of several recent protests, including one just this week.

On Monday, another illegal immigrant was pulled over by Tucson Police and placed in jail under provisions of SB 1070.

The City Council says it will take up the issue of how Tucson Police Department works with border patrol to enforce the controversial laws.

Overnight, dozens more pro-immigration residents gathered in front of City Hall to voice their concerns about how police handle the traffic stops.

As it's written, the law requires police to contact Border Patrol if they encounter someone who cannot prove legal residency.

But according to Councilwoman Karen Uhlich, such a policy alienates victims of crime and prevents them from coming forward in fear of being arrested.

This week, Tucson City Council member, Steve Kozachik, voiced similar concerns to KGUN 9.

"The issue is the law itself, it's not TPD's implementation. They have to implement the law as it's written. I want to challenge the law as it's written on its face because I think it's unconstitutional," says Kozachik. 

The study session begins at 2p.m. today at City Council headquarters in downtown Tucson. 

We'll have the latest on our broadcasts throughout the day. Stay with us.