Behind the curtain: The Chinese acrobats of Cirque D'Or

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Behind the curtain: The Chinese acrobats of Cirque D'Or

By Simone Del Rosario. CREATED Jan 27, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Acrobats and contortionists from China performed at the Fox Tucson Theatre downtown Sunday night to a full house. But before they hit the stage, they took Nine On Your Side's Simone Del Rosario through some of the ropes behind the curtain. 

This is her experience:

"First, we're going to have the three girls teach you how to do diabolo; it's also called Chinese yo-yo," Cirque D'Or tour manager Freya Lui told me. 

She also called it a child's game. If children can play diabolo, I'm well behind the curve, though the acrobats are quick to praise me when I do something right and quick to catch my mistakes before I break something!

I'll give myself a bit of a break; these acrobats have been training since age 7. Even at that young age, they train at least four hours a day and live away from their families. 

"A certain percentage of young acrobats quit," Lui shared. "Then they go back to school and grow up like normal kids."

But for those who make it, "It takes a part of your life," Lui said, "because they stay with this troupe more than they stay with their family."

The Cirque D'Or troupe calls themselves 'The Incredible Acrobats.'

"A lot of things you see on stage today, you will not see daily," Lui said. "It's unbelievable for you; at some point you will just say, 'That's incredible.'"

And it was -- incredible. 

Cirque D'Or is on a 3-month tour through the United States before the troupe will return home to China to prepare for another international tour.