Child imprisonment case extended to Catalina home

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Child imprisonment case extended to Catalina home

By Cory Marshall. CREATED Nov 27, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) -   Wednesday, Tucson Police Chief Roberto Villaseñor announced investigators are also looking into a second home tied to the Richter family child imprisonment case. According to police, the Richter's lived in the Catalina home prior to moving to Tucson. 

Mario Brogdon is the current renter of the Catalina home in question.

Having only lived in the home for less than two-months, Brogdon says he felt safe until Tuesday night, that's when, he says, TPD detectives knocked on his door.

"They did tell us, 'oh there was a hostage situation.' {We} just pulled it all together," Brogdon told 9OYS.

Brogdon says police focused on the two front rooms, one of which is his daughter's bedroom, the other is set up for a baby on the way.

"This happened in our house. This is our house," Brogdon repeated.

"Right here [police] said something could have possibly [been] mounted here and up here," Brogdon said pointing to mysterious holes and patches on the walls. "There's patches here. They said some kind of latch, locked security device," he continued as he walked into the second front bedroom.

Neighbors living just a few doors down from the Richter's former Catalina home say they were not aware the couple had children.

"A couple months ago they came here. They came to our party but we didn't think anything of it," nearby neighbor, Naritza Islas said. "My heart dropped just knowing that they had been here [with] my family. Like, we didn't think anything of it. That's crazy to me!"