Charges for leaving baby in hot car harsh enough?

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Charges for leaving baby in hot car harsh enough?

By Christina Myers. CREATED Aug 8, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Some people think the punishment a young mother received for leaving her 2-month-old baby in the car while she was in Fry's is not harsh enough.

Heather Youngman-Humoki got a city code violation for leaving an unaccompanied child in a vehicle and was also cited for "contributing to the deliquency of a minor."

A TPD officer who is not involved in this case said that second charge is sort of an "umbrella charge" and it could still be changed.

According to the police report for the incident, Youngman-Humoki said she was in Fry's for about 15 minutes before she remembered her son was in the car with the windows up. By the time she got outside to her vehicle, Tucson Fire Medics had already rescued the baby.

The police report says it was 98 degrees outside at the time and TFD decided to break a small window when it appeared the child stopped breathing for a moment.

9 On Your Side went back to the Fry's parking lot on Swan near Grant to talk with other mothers about the incident. Everyone we talked to said Youngman-Humoki's punishment was not enough to deter her or others from forgetting kids in the car.

"I would do death penalty as well," said mother of a 2-month-old as well Elena Bojorquez.

"You can't legislate just the stupidity or forgetfulness," said grandmother Genny Martin. "I mean, people are going to do it anyway."

Temperatures inside a car can rise 15-20 degrees in just the first ten minutes. When 9 On Your Side tested this, the temperature inside the car went from about 95-115 degrees in ten minutes shortly after 4p.m.

TFD firefighters said it would be even worse for kids, because they cannot regulate their body temperature, so it rises 3-5 times faster than adults'.

Christina Myers

Christina Myers

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