Censored Sabino high school yearbook quotes revealed

Censored Sabino high school yearbook quotes revealed

By Christina Myers. CREATED Jun 12, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - After 950 yearbooks had already been printed, Sabino high school administration said 13 quotes were inappropriate.

With no time to re-print, the yearbook class had no choice but to get black stickers from the yearbook company to cover the quotes.
These stickers are specially made to cover mistakes in yearbooks and can usually not be peeled off without ripping the page. Editor-in-chief Susannah Henman said the class spent about an extra $4,000 on the stickers and the group of about 20 students then spent their last week or so of school measuring and cutting the stickers and going through each yearbook.
With 950 books and 13 quotes in each, the students did that 12,350 times. 
TUSD spokeswoman Cara Rene said the students were not at fault, but instead it was the yearbook teacher Thom Knutson. Rene said Knutson did not follow proper protocol by neglecting to send it to the principal Matt Munger for review before printing. 
Rene said Knutson will be disciplined in some manner and Munger will have more oversight of the yearbook next year.
Here are the 13 quotes that were covered with stickers after printing:
Two best friends had matching quotes: the caucasion girl's said, "Every white girl needs a Mexican best friend" and her Latina best friend's read, "Every Mexican needs a white best friend."
The editor-in-chief even had her quote censored. It read, "I only rap caucasionally."
One girl had Luke Bryan lyrics: "I'm drunk on you and high on summertime."
A boy had a line from "Girl Next Door" that read, "The juice is worth the squeeze."
Another guy had a line from "Anchorman" that said "It's the pattern on the pants."
A line from Animal Planet Reality show "Call of the Wildman" was another student's quote: "Come getcha' some."
"'You're such a disappointment.' - Mom and Dad" was another student's quote that was covered up. 
A male student's quote was "To be honest, I really hated 95% of you. Just so we're clear."
Another quote stickered-over was "I came. I left."
The final censored senior quote referenced a character from "The Boondocks" and read, "I've got an idea! Why don't we go to college so we don't end up like Gangstalicious?"
A junior's response to the question "How can you tell you're a junior?" was censored because it read, "You know there are only 420 days until you graduate."
Finally, the quote "You gotta' risk it for the bisquit" was censored because it was next to a picture of cheerleaders bent over. 
Rene said any parents or students who are unhappy with the yearbook can get a refund. However, a Sabino mother emailed 9 On Your Side on Thursday to say she tried to get a refund but was told she could not unless the yearbook was "100% intact" with no stickers lifted. Calls and messages to Rene on Thursday were not returned. 
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