Celis family nears two years without Isabel but finds hope in community

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Celis family nears two years without Isabel but finds hope in community

By Simone Del Rosario. CREATED Apr 19, 2014 - UPDATED: Apr 19, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - It's been two years searching for clues, but still no answers to where Isabel Celis may have disappeared. 

But her family and friends are doing all they can to keep the hope of finding her. 

Two years since Isabel went missing from her bedroom, it's a milestone the family had hoped and prayed they would never reach. 
But they have not lost resolve, continuing to do what they can to put Isa's face out in the public, including at a 2-year anniversary "Bring Isa Home" event. 
Hundreds of balloons float away in the Tucson sky Saturday outside of Peter Piper Pizza on the east side, with the hopes and wishes of all who released them. 
It's the second time the Celis family has held this event to fundraise and keep Isa's face out there so her case does not fade away. 
"The community has come together in such a supportive way to help find her and people may have their doubts, but as long as she's missing we're going to keep searching," volunteer Steve Raw said. 
"We lend a hand in any way that we can; we basically just keep praying and we're keeping that hope alive," said Valerie Ballesteros, a coworker and volunteer. 
The "Bring Isa Home" event is also a way for the Celis family to give back to the community that has kept them strong. 
Safety being a top priority, the children are fingerprinted and parents walk away a little more prepared. 
"Giving those parents that little card that has a lot of information, it has everything for them and maybe like a little bit of a safety," said Isa's mother Becky Celis. "Like you did something for your children and you have that little piece that might help you, God forbid you be in a situation that we were in."