Can the NoNO hair removal system get rid of your unwanted hair?

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Can the NoNO hair removal system get rid of your unwanted hair?

By Taylor Higgins. CREATED Nov 27, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - We finally tested it.... the NONO hair remover. Many of you inquired about this product for a segment that often airs on Good Morning Tucson called "Does it Work?"

Meteorologist April madison, along with some fellow KGUN-ers, tested the product. After several weeks of testing... we have answers to some of your most asked questions.

"You guys have so graciously agreed... I know you were forced... But so graciously agreed to be my guinea pigs, because I'm afraid of it. We'll just go ahead and say it. And so we're going to do this. Uh, you're going to do your legs, um, and he's got a lot of hair. So we're just going to show you that this is also supposedly for men too. And you're going to do at least your arm. Ok, we'll start with that."

Let's get started.
Read the directions carefully. 
Once you've turned it on, press the button under the status screen to adjust the levels.
The directions say to start with the lowest level and work your way up.
However we went with the highest level, because Chris has a lot of hair.

"Glide in one direction in one steady smooth motion, do not stop in one place. Go over each area three to four times to make sure you get all the hair."

"Does it hurt?" Chris, "NOOO, it just smells horrible." April, "I'm still seeing hair, you might want to do it one more time."

Next, buff any remaining stubble, followed by the lotion, and don't forget to clean the tips between uses.     

"So Cory has just revealed that she's going to do both her arm hair and her lip. Because you believe most ladies would want to know both. And then what I didn't realize is that you actually color your hair darker, so you do have light hair. What I like about that is I had a lot of women who really wanted to see how well it worked on light hair."

"It feels really hot, I can tell you that."
"It does?"

"So it's hot, but it doesn't hurt?"
"No, I was expecting like, maybe like little pulses or something like that, and really it doesn't hurt." "It's just warm."

"It's warm and it smells awful."

"Can you feel the difference? Can you feel where the hair is gone?"
"It's smoother, yeah. There's like a couple different spots that I missed which I think is normal. You get that with like waxing or shaving too. It really doesn't hurt. I thought it was going to be a lot worse."

But what about the lip? 
"Don't be scared."
"Do you want to do yours?"
"Ok, I can do this."

The lip area is a little more sensitive, and tougher to treat, even when I try.
"Oh, that was fast."

Ok, I'm not sure if the No No actually worked on Cory's lip, or if we just rubbed the hair off.

"So we've done a lip, an arm, and a leg. Cory and Chris are going to continue this treatment 2 to 3 times a week for at least 4 weeks, if not a little bit longer, to really determine if it works."

Here's a look at day two, week one with Cory making sure to treat the exact same spot on her arm and lip. 
And now Chris....Who is apparently very proud of his legs.

"Well it works. Trust me. I have a patch right here. I know I have very beautiful legs."

And that brings us to... week two.
"Not much hair to get. It's doing pretty good."
"There's no bumps or anything like that's working."
"It's working. Week 2 is a success."