Calif. online database exposes cosmetic risks

Calif. online database exposes cosmetic risks

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Jan 12, 2014

The California Department of Public Health has introduced an online database to inform cosmetics consumers about what products contain chemicals harmful to the body, skin and hair.

According to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, "The public can search the website by type of product, brand, or ingredient, and will be show a list of products made with chemicals that are known to cause cancer, reproductive harm, or birth defects." 

Initiated as part of the 2005 California Safe Cosmetics Act, "the California State Cosmetics Program Product Database is meant to pressure manufacturers to use safer ingredients by exposing products with potentially hazardous ingredients," reports ABC 7. "Dr. Ron Chapman, the public health department's director, says a product's listing in the database does not mean it causes cancer, but that it hasn't been extensively tested for safety."

"The state is looking for about 900 chemicals that have been identified as harmful by Proposition 65 legislation and organizations such as the National Toxicology Program," the Santa Cruz Sentinel further notes.

A total of 475 companies are accounted for in the database, with ingredients ranging over 30,000 products.