CPR Saves Lives - easy to learn

CPR Saves Lives - easy to learn

CREATED Jul 16, 2013

Reporter: Greg Gurule

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - A woman who remembered her CPR training from years ago saved the life of a 2 year old who had fallen into a swimming pool at a home near Flowing Wells and Forth Lowell on Monday night.

Tucson Police say a babysitter looked away for barely a minute and looked back to see the child in the pool. She rushed the boy to her daughter  who had learned CPR and was able to save the child's life. The incident highlights the need for people to learn CPR. The Red Cross says one if four people have been in a situation where someone needed CPR.

CPR techniques are slightly different for adults and children and infants. Red Cross says training can give you the skills and confidence to act in an emergency and help save a life. You can find out more about CPR instruction at redcross.org/AED.