Burglar-proof your home

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Burglar-proof your home

By Stella Inger. CREATED Nov 18, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV)-If you think your home is burglar-proof, Pima County Sheriffs say think again. Deputies say there's always something you can do to make your home less appealing to the bad guys, and an alarm system won't necessarily keep them away.

" If you have something they deem of extreme value they will break in and steal it, " said Rodney Blanchard, volunteer with Pima County Sheriff's Crime Suppression Unit.

Blanchard says if you want to get the intruders out, start outside by keeping your shrubs short.

" It prevents them from hiding. When you come home if you walk up to your front door it keeps them from jumping up and grabbing you," said Blanchard.

Blanchard says make sure you keep your electrical panels closed. You don't want someone getting to your breakers and turning off your lights, tricking you to open the door.
Check your front and back doors. Make sure you don't have flimsy strike plates. They should be secured by 3 inch screws.

" This makes it very hard for them to kick the door in easily, " Blanchard said.
Secure your windows by adding stoppers. If you have glass doors or big show windows that could easily be broken, make them less appealing by adding security screens on the outside.

"Or you can at least put a 3M film coating on the inside so if they do break the glass, it will be harder for them to get in and it will take them longer," Blanchard added.

If they do make their way in, Blanchard advices that you never hide your jewelry in your bedroom because burglars know where to look. At night, consider charging your phone next to your bed if you need to call 911. You may also think about getting a single sided deadbolt in your closet to hide from an intruder.

"It's one-sided so you can't see anything on the outside. Also, if you have an alarm system put in your home, have them put the controller inside the same closet," said Blanchard.

But most importantly, know your neighbors and their cars.

"Sometimes criminals will sit in a car in front of your home and come in behind you. It's important to know your neighbors, " said Blanchard.

With the holiday right around the corner, something to keep in mind, don't post your travel plans on social media. The bad guys are watching. If you live outside Tucson and within Pima County limits, you can have your home checked out by volunteers from the Crime Suppression Unit to see if it's safe. Call  520-351-4685.

Stella Inger

Stella Inger

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