Bike bandit snatches elderly man's prized possesion

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Bike bandit snatches elderly man's prized possesion

By Marcelino Benito. CREATED Dec 18, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - For 30 minutes a day, 82-year-old Frederick Hayes hopped on his bike and went for a ride around his midtown neighborhood.

"How time flies when you're having fun," said Hayes.

His son Craig Hayes says his father's ridden it everyday for the last three years.

But now the wheels aren't turning anymore. In fact, the wheels are gone. Just days before Christmas, an unwelcome guest snuck up to the home, past the dog, cut the lock and ripped off an elderly man.

"They're not very nice people to put it nicely," said Hayes.

The bike was a present given to celebrate his 80th birthday. It'd come in handy.  He'd lost 50 pounds over the last three years.

"It gave him freedom and a certain level of independence and enjoyment in life," said Hayes.

For now, the 82-year-old is stuck at home, but as feisty as ever. This Happy Valley native has a message for the bike bandits who stole his ride.

"They ought to be in the same place where Sandusky is," said Hayes. "Rotting in H-E-double L."

Unless of course someone does the right thing and returns his bike just in time for Christmas.

If you have any idea who stole the bike or want to help Mr. Hayes this Christmas, call Tucson Police or email me at