Barber vs McSally: The rematch is official

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Barber vs McSally: The rematch is official

By Craig Smith. CREATED Aug 26, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Most of the Democrats are starting the race to November fresh because they did not have primary fights to wear them down.

All along, Congressman Ron Barber had a pretty good idea which Republican would survive the primary fight to face him in the general election.

For the Democrats gathered in downtown Tucson, the real suspense on election night was who the Republicans would nominate to run against them because so many Democrats ran unopposed."
Democrats mixed and mingled and waited to see who they would face in November.  For District Two Congressman Ron Barber there wasn't too much suspense.  After running a very close race against him two years ago, Martha McSally was a very clear favorite to run for the Republicans again.

Barber says, “What we already have seen from the McSally camp and from the national party that's really running her campaign is a lot of made up stuff about who I am and what I'm all about.  I am the 4th most independent voter in the United States House of Representatives.  They're trying to turn me into some kind of a liberal, which I'm not.  They're trying to say that I don't vote  the same way back in DC that I talk at home.  That's absolutely absurd."

Even though Barber had no opponent in the primary he has been running campaign ads and making campaign appearances to keep his profile up while the republican kept their candidates in the public eye.

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