"It's ridiculous!" Stopping speeders in Rita Ranch

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"It's ridiculous!" Stopping speeders in Rita Ranch

By Cory Marshall. CREATED Jan 6, 2014

TUCSON(KGUN9-TV) - Angela Johnson and nearby residents do not let their kids play outside their homes on La Palma Drive. It might sound outrageous, but it is for a good reason.

"Common sense you would think 25 mph, they see the 25 mph sign and they should go down here [25 mph] and they don't do it! It's ridiculous," Johnson told 9OYS.

According to Johnson, the residential road has become a detour for drivers trying to avoid the lights on Valencia. La Palma, which sits just two blocks from Valencia, has become a thoroughfare for speeders.

"Somebody is going to get hurt and then they'll decide to do something when that happens," Johnson continued.

The mother of two says she has made repeat calls to police, joined other neighbors in starting a petition to get speed bumps and reached out to the home owners association. Until contacting 9OYS, she says, she had hit a dead end.

"So, I called you guys because I really needed the help and I don't want anyone getting hurt," Johnson added.

Nine On Your Side reach out to Tucson Police.

"It's very dangerous," Tucson Police Officer Brandon Tatum said in reference to the residential road.

"Now, it has definitely been brought to the attention of our traffic division," Officer Tatum continued.

Moto officers came to check out the area for themselves. In less than two hours, they caught a handful of speeders and issued warnings.     

Police say they will send officers with the traffic division to the area during peak drive times.