Stabbed and Strangled: Startling new information on Tucson mother's death

Stabbed and Strangled: Startling new information on Tucson mother's death

By Valerie Cavazos. CREATED Dec 3, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) --  Startling new information on the stabbing death of a Tucson mother in October. KGUN9 has obtained the autopsy report that gives us insight into how Marcella Slatin died.

Police say Art Slatin killed his 35-year-old wife at their eastside home. Slatin told police his wife took a kitchen knife and lunged at him, then he tried to stop her. Slatin said he stabbed her 2 times in the throat. The autopsy report reveals Slatin stabbed Marcella multiple times in the neck, the chest and right shoulder. But Slatin told police he cannot recall how she received those wounds.

And the reports gives us an indication of the force of the attack. The blade broke off in 2 places.

But this new disturbing detail in the report reveals Slatin didn't just stab Marcella, he also strangled her.

Slatin, charged with first degree murder, is now out of jail. He paid his entire 50-thousand dollar bond -- cash. And he's now back at his home, where I spoke with him this afternoon as he stood behind an iron mesh door.

He would only tell KGUN9 that he stands by his claim that it was self defense. "Absolutely," he said. And that he hasn't, or is able to, see his children.

9OYS also obtained transcripts of the 911 call that Slatin made from inside his Evelyn Street home  that night.

911 asked: "What's going on?"
Slatin answered:  "My wife and i got into a fight."
And then said "in the struggle she got..." -- the rest inaudible.

Slatin told the calltaker he needs an ambulance, but it's not clear what he told 911 after that -- it's redacted.

911 asked: "What part of her body was cut?"
He answered: "Neck."

911 asked: "How big is the cut?"
He first says "i don't know" then described -- "it's the size of a knife" and then tells 911 that "there's a lot of blood."

The calltaker wants to know, "Is she breathing."
He answered: "She's breathing."

And then 911 tells Slatin what he needs to do to control the bleeding.
The calltaker asked: "Were you able to find that cloth?"
He answered: "Yeah, I was able to. I'm putting pressure on it right now."

911 told Slatin to keep it that way until help arrives and told him they were right around the corner.

Marcela didn't die in her home. Paramedics rushed her, still alive, to the hospital. She died during emergency surgery.