Police bust Tucson Mall Peeping Tom

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Police bust Tucson Mall Peeping Tom

By Rikki Mitchell . CREATED Nov 15, 2013 - UPDATED: Nov 15, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - It's a scary reality.

"It's definitely a lot creepier that people can use those phones and you wouldn't even know it," says shopper Cynthia Myers.

Police say 34-year-old David Castro used his cell phone on November 5 at the Tucson Mall Dillard's to shoot video up an employee's skirt.

"It's an invasion of privacy and it's very degrading," says shopper Ayla Conlee.

Sgt. Chris Widmer with Tucson Police tells KGUN9 that on November 14, detectives followed up on the investigation and learned that a security officer noticed Castro's behavior on the surveillance video, and then saw a cell phone sticking out of his briefcase.

He then saw Castro approach a woman, and extend his arm so the cell phone looked up her skirt, said Widmer.

The security officer got his license plate number and police tracked him down. He's now facing one charge of Voyeurism, a felony.

Nine On Your Side spoke to self-defense expert Jeffrey Prather who said this type of crime is nothing to blink an eye at.

"Sometimes this type of surveillance, this type of stalking is the beginning of a serial predator," he said.

So ladies, listen up. Prather says pay attention to your surroundings, stay off your electronic device and observe behavior.

If you see behavior like what police say Castro was doing, Prather says use one word, "No."

"'No' is a command," he said. "It's loud, it's going to embarrass him, it's going to draw attention to him."

And if you feel someone come up behind you, Prather says hold up your arms, with your palms facing your face and spin fast.

He says the physics of this move will throw off the attacker's balance and give you time to get away.

Prather says the biggest thing women can do is get proper self-defense training and just keep fighting back.

"The longer you fight, the more probable that ladies are going to survive," he said.


Prather teaches a woman's self-defense class at Warriorschool. For more information, visit its website.